Affiliate Program

Want to be a part of our affiliate program?

We are providing a distinctive affiliate program where just by signing up on our website for registration, you’ll be able to connect with our community as an affiliate. Another fascinating fact is that you don’t need to pay any active contributional deposit. Additionally, by utilizing our referral program, you can easily make up to 25% - 15% 10% of your investors. Amazing! Isn’t it?

It is extremely easy and hassle-free. After registering, the user receives a direct collaboration link, accessible from the user account itself. You can forward and share this link with your known ones such as your relatives, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. You can even use it as your default signature on forums, blogs, websites, and so on. Another way of doing so is to utilize the banners, that contain referral links, for advertisements. These are also accessible from the user account.

Having done any of these, your work is done. Now when a new user will register on the platform, using your shared link, they will automatically become your referral.

The “Affiliate Program” section of your account allows you to check out the total number of new users who registered via your shared referral link

Your affiliate reward begins to grow as soon as a new referral user invests. This implies the fact that you’ll be able to receive a reward of up to 10% of the value of each deposit.

how much you earn from referral?

Amount Range
Referral Commission
Level 1
$50 - $2500
Level 2
$50 - $2500
Level 3
$50 - $2500